The philosophy of the School of Postgraduate Studies grounded on the three-pronged dialogues of the university is centered on innovative and creative epistemic dialogue and town-and-gown collaborations.



The vision of the School of Postgraduate Studies is to provide critical structures to a diverse body of students to attain intellectual, professional and academic excellence.



The School of Postgraduate Studies dedicates itself to facilitate students’ scholarly study and advanced research aimed at developing professional work skills and the ability to make meaningful contributions to society.


Special Features of the School of Postgraduate Studies

³  Practical application of theories and principles in the laboratory and the community

³  Postgraduate School Day held each year to showcase research and inventions of postgraduate students

³  Postgraduate students spend a month or two months each year in overseas study and internship

³  Small class sizes to facilitate learning

³  Emphasis on collaborative studies and research beginning from the first year of study

³  Emphasis on student-centered teaching

³  Emphasis on interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary teaching and research

³  Strong work and research ethics

³  Flexible scheduling of lectures and activities

³  Integration of 21st century skills into teaching and research

³  Innovative disciplinary specializations